Thursday, May 15, 2014

My ebook is available and you can save

It's here and worth the wait!

Where is the book?

Love Should Not Hurt: letting Go of the Pain to Live in Freedom is available for download to your device or computer for only $5.99 from 

You can also follow my book progress and links to reviews once I start generating them on

Want a promo code?

Apologies to Amazon users as KDP does not give me an option to create a coupon code 

Smashwords does allow me to generate a coupon, so if you would like a $1 discount, making my ebook only $4.99 until 6/15/14 , then use coupon code: ZJ55E 

This is my first book and I really appreciate the support! If you choose to purchase, don't forget to post a review on Amazon or Smashwords about my book. It is the greatest support you can give me as a new Author! Thank you!

Blogger Opp
If you are a blogger and wold like to do a review of this book, I am happy to give you the download free and a free link of choice in my next 3 giveaways in exchange for a review on your site. I am not going to be picky-no mandatory word count, just a brief write up and link to my books! I will also post a snippet on my 2 blogs redirecting back to your post!

If you are interested in a review, go Here!


  1. I believe this book would help. I was in an abusive relationship years ago. So I can relate. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I feel everyone will relate to my book-even those that know someone trapped!