Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Steps to reading books online

Are you a creature of habit who wants to start enjoying books online?

If you still prefer to read a traditional paperback and have no desire to download a reading app, then you may not want to read on! I will, however, invite you to order my new book-on paperback- from Createspace or Amazon! Hey-didn't want you to feel like you came to this post for no reason!

If you are ready to read from your device, then follow these steps below and you'll be set!

First, I need to know what device you are using:  tablet, iPad, smartphone, laptop or computer. Just kidding-it doesn't matter! Just want to make that clear! 

Reading on Kindle/Ordering off Amazon

Step One: Kindle is the App, Amazon is the store. From any device, you need to go to your App store and download the Kindle App-it's free! It will have this icon:

Step Two: Open the Kindle app that you downloaded and it may say 'Start reading' or 'Register' and you will then enter your Amazon account email and password. Don't have an Amazon account? It's free and easy to set up. 

Step Three: Go to your Amazon account page and click on Manage Content & Devices. You should see your device listed along with any books on your shelf after you start downloading. You may have to log out the back in to see the new device added.

Step Four: Head to Amazon, browse books and shop! At checkout, it will ask you what device you want to read on (if you have multiple connected) and voila! After checkout, open that kindle app back up, go to the Library and your book should be there after download is complete!

*Note: Click HERE if you want my recommendation of the first book for your library! Hint: it's my book! 

Reading on iBooks or computer/Ordering off Smashwords

Step One: iBooks is the App. Smashwords is the store. If you want to use your iTunes/Apple account for Mac, iPhone or iPad instead of your Amazon account, then your first step is download iBooks and follow registration to log in with your iTunes account. It will have this icon:

If you would rather read a book as a document or .pdf on your laptop or computer, do not download any app. Just move on to the next step.

Step Two: Head to Smashwords.com or to my book page there (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/438327) and choose your download at the book you want. .pdf is in the 'read online' choice and can be read like a document on your computer. .epub will load into your ibooks shelf and .mobi will load into your kindle shelf.

That is the difference between Kindle and all the other options! When you browse Amazon for books, you can only read from your Kindle App. When you browse books in Smashwords, you have the choice! Amazon will sell you print copies to order whereas Smashnbooks are only digital. You cannot order paperbacks or hardcover books to be mailed from Smashwords.

These are 2 of the major platforms. I will not list the others so not to confuse you. Neither will I go into details of how to move all of your books from one platform to another. Yes! You can take your Kindle and move those books to your computer-so google how and you will find that process!


Read books in your Kindle App by shopping on Amazon or Smashwords
Read books in your iBook App from Mac, iPad or iPhone on Smashwords
Read books like a document on laptop or computer from Smashwords
Order print copies of books from Amazon or Createspace

My Book links-just click each option below to be taken to the page

Love Should Not Hurt: Letting Go of the Pain to Live in Freedom

This is not a sponsored post.


  1. First of all, congrats on your new book! That's amazing and you should be so proud! Secondly, you've written out the steps perfectly! I already knew how to do all of this but I mentally walked through the steps with your directions and you were spot on! Hopefully lots of newbies will benefit from your step-by-step directions!

  2. My son has a Kindle and loves to use it to read books. Saves me from having to go to the library.

  3. I love using my kindle app on my iphone! It makes it easy to read on the go!