Sunday, July 6, 2014

Love Should Not Hurt-Book Details

As a Domestic Violence Survivor, I had kept my past a secret from many. I had put on a smile to hide my pain and kept a distance from those who I felt could see through the facade. Eventually, I realized that my emotions were bigger than I could handle on my own and I decided to finally get honest with myself and others and tell my story. 

This is a book about escaping the emotional prison to find freedom. Despite what has led you to shut out those around you, this book reminds us that we are not alone. 

  1. Who I Was
  2. Becoming A Victim
  3. Love Should Not Hurt
  4. Can Anyone See Me?
  5. Prayer & Faith- My Last Hope
  6. I'm Out! Now What?
  7. The Worst Way To Heal
  8. The Cycle of Abuse
  9. Breaking Down the Walls
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