Monday, February 16, 2015

Another Love Should Not Hurt ebook Giveaway-Ends 2/27

Did you miss your chance to win a copy of my book last month? I am so dedicated to getting my story out there and wanted to give you another chance to win. 

To enter, visit my other site called Parenting Healthy and you will have a few entries you can claim!

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Books By Bloggers Giveaways: Love Should Not Hurt book giveaway

The Giveaway starts on January 15, 2015
so come back and enter!

Love Should Not Hurt: Letting Go of the Pain to Live in Freedom
by: Erin Sluka

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I am giving away a copy of my new release book. This is not a how-to guide, but more of a way to share my story of my survival as a domestic abuse victim and what it took to leave and stay away from my abuser. It discusses the effects that last a long while after living through such a relationship. I did not heal the right way and I discuss this in my book.

Love Should Not Hurt is not just for victims, but for anyone who is a fan on non-fiction and would like to learn about how one becomes a victim, why we stay, the dangers of leaving and the healing effects after the escape. It is a short read that I hope begins the discussion with someone you may know who is struggling. From my book, I hope it can be used as a starting point to encourage victims and families to seek proper help because without the proper guidance, the effects of abuse are long-lasting and a difficult internal struggle as you adjust to a life of freedom.

I hope you will enter to win and share this with your friends and families. The topic of domestic violence needs a voice and you can be a voice! Without discussions, it remains a topic many don't wish to discuss and solve.

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